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zeropphoto.com is still just a labour of love, meaning it’s currently a free* service to friends and fellow skydivers. The content we produce is made available to you to enjoy and share.  You may download any videos or photos you like, and post them on your own site or social media, provided the content is distributed unmodified and free* of charge.


Professionally edited videos with music

Your videos will be professionally edited to music that enhances the viewer’s experience. What better way to relive your skydiving experiences and share them with your friends and family?

What are the music options?

We can accommodate virtually any musical style you wish. If you are commissioning a video and prefer electronic to rock,  or orchestral to ambient, let us know and we’ll find an appropriate piece of music that fits with your footage.

Can I send you my favourite music to add to my video?

You may, provided that you own the creative rights to the piece of music. This means you are either the creator, or have made arrangements with the creator such that you may use their music royalty-free.

Share zeropphoto.com content with friends

Show your friends and family. Show the world! Visual media is the most effective way to share the sport of skydiving with other skydivers and non-skydivers alike. Maybe you’ll even convert a whuffo or two?

New content will be posted as it comes. Find the content you’re looking for by selecting photos or videos from the menu. Or, visit the blog to see where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing.

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Awesome photos man!

Holy shit dude all of those photos are sick!!

Awesome! Looks like a hell of a good time! Good edit work! Love it!

Fancy shit!!

Strong work, son!  u like Mexican food?

Legal stuff

*Free content is offered under the “Creative Commons – Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives” license.

By downloading zeropphoto.com content from Flickr or Vimeo, you agree to the licensing terms presented by the aforementioned hosting sites at the time the content is downloaded.

Commissioned content can be sold under different licenses, depending on the customer’s needs.  We can negotiate a commercial-use license if that is what you require.  Or you can commission us to capture unedited footage only if intend to create your own derivative works.