Brian Germain’s Canopy Course at PNW Skydiving

Very quickly, because it’s late and I just spent the last few hours editing the video…

Canopy instruction?  Awesome!

Freeflying between canopy drills?  Awesome!

Lessons learned?  Many more than I could have hoped for.

New friends?  Yes, and always the best part.  (Special thanks to Rachel, Linda, Scott, and Brian for some of the most memorable skydives of the weekend — sorry about the finger, “Pinky”).

First weekend at the DZ since the site launched

Lots of great jumps.  Helped the new guy.  Go help from the ninjas.  Good times!

Lots of new photos.  And a couple new videos too — if your name is Chuck, or you’re Scott’s sister, you should definitely check out the videos.

In the next few days we should have a video montage up of some tracking dives with smoke canisters (assuming the editing works out as planned…fingers crossed).

Blue skies!

It’s alive!

That’s it, it’s done.  The domain is now directed to this, our new site, and WE…ARE…LIVE as of now!

Enjoy the content.  Or better yet, come jump with us and we’ll create some new content together.

Blue skies,

Pre-release notes – Going live soon!

Finally a WordPress theme that works for a modern, blog-enabled, business website.  Really digging the “twenty seventeen” theme.

We’re still not live…but we will be soon!  We expect to launch the site on Friday, June 16, 2017, as soon as we get a cleaner version of the header image, which should not take long.